Commodity Price Outlook 2012

One day seminar

Sep 22 2011

Seminar on "Commodity Price Outlook 2012" is the most appropriate forum for sharing information, knowledge, skills and experiences of the practitioners, enthusiasts, observers and researchers of plantation commodities; especially, of palm oil, rubber, tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar and molasses.

"Commodity Price Outlook 2012", focusing on Market Information & Price Prediction of Plantation Commodity in 2012, will analyze the correlation between global economic growth and prospect of commodity prices in 2012 and create a conducive climate for the establishment of sustainable cooperation among parties, particularly in the development of information and plantation commodity market analysis.

"Commodity Price Outlook 2012" seminar is guided by experts in their respective fields. This seminar is useful for investors of plantation subsectors, traders, plantation commodity associations, plantation research centers, upstream and downstream industries, academicians and plantation sub-sector enthusiasts.

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