Rubber productivity in West Kalimantan low

Fri, 07/15/2011 - 12:40
Most of rubber plantations in West Kalimantan should be replanted as their rubber trees have already passed their production age.
West Kalimantan province’s Plantation Services Head Hiarsolih Buchori told the press in Pontianak on Thursday that due to their already old trees, one hectare rubber plantation there can only produce about 800 kilograms of latex per year.
Based on data from the local administration on July this year, West Kalimantan has a total area of 582,000 hectares rubber plantations, which are mostly owned by smallholders. But some smallholders, who replanted their rubber plantations and treated them all, can produce up to 6,000 kg latex per hectare per year. (bbt) 

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