Indonesia urges Japan to revise robusta standard

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 18:32

The Indonesian government has urged Japan to ease its fertilizer residue requirement for robusta coffee beans as the tough policy has hampered Indonesia’s coffee export.

Director General of International Trade, Deddy Saleh said on Tuesday that while European countries set the residue threshold at 0.1 percent, Japan since 2009 has imposed a tougher threshold of 0,001 percent, causing Indonesia to suffer sbout US$1.35 million per year in coffee export losses to Japan.

He said that every year, about 20-30 containers of Indonesian robusta coffee beans have been rejected at ports in Japan.  Each container is worth about US$45,000. 

Deddy said that Japan has yet to respond to the request.  “We’ll continue to seek their response,” he said. (Firman)

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